Hello & Welcome!

Hello! My name is Ali Khan and I love to problem solve. One of the ways in which I do so is through design. I believe that the world can become an even more enjoyable place through thoughtful design. It is also my belief that good design employs a mixture of both form and function. Without one the design will invariably be flawed.  

I have a B.A. in Philosophy from University of Texas at Austin and two associates in Graphic Arts Technology and Graphic Design from Austin Community College. I am also currently in the UX/UI associates program and plan to graduate in the fall of 2020. Although my background is focused in visual design I am equipped with a functional knowledge of HTML/CSS, prototyping tools, user experience design, as well as some Javascript/jQuery. As my education progresses I plan to be able to work full-stack with a focus on human-centered design.  

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my dog, Loverboy, a well crafted meal and enjoying the company of my friends & family. I spend my weekends at Red Bud Isle and Town Lake. I've also been known to binge watch T.V. & movies (when I can) and i'm a sucker for podcasts!

Hire Me!

Austin, Texas is my home base but I am very mobile at the moment and always looking for work! Please feel free to email me at ali@alikhandesign.com. Let's collaborate on something fun!

My resume can be found as a responsive page here or if you prefer a PDF, here.

Photo Credit:  Zilker Bark

Photo Credit: Zilker Bark